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Elect Porsche Williams for Fort Wayne City Clerk!

  • PROVEN- 16+ years of local government experience

  • PASSION- Lifelong commitment to serving community  

  • PURPOSE- Bring increased efficiency and awareness to City Clerk's office 

Porsche J Williams Campaign Announcement

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for the Campaign to Elect Porsche J. Williams

Successful Campaign Announcement Event!

Deadline to register to vote: April 3, 2023

​Primary Election Date: May 2, 2023

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Meet Porsche J. Williams

Proud Resident - Pivotal Leader - Partner in the Community

  • Proud Resident: A native of Fort Wayne, Porsche's parents were graduates of the historic Central High School. Porsche graduated from Paul Harding High School and received a B.S. in Business from Indiana Institute of Technology (Indiana Tech). She has a large extended family in the Fort Wayne area and is a devoted mother to two sons. 

  • Pivotal Leader: Porsche has over 16+ years of experience working in local township government. She ascended to the Director of Intake and Investigation position at the Wayne Township Trustee's office. She also served as Township Supervisor at the Adams Township Trustee's office. 

  • Partner in the Community: Porsche has a lifetime of experience serving the Fort Wayne community. From sharing her time with kids at Metro Youth Sports or assisting with coat drives for children in need, she has been committed to making Fort Wayne a great place to live for all citizens. 

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